10 Top Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re one of the many businesses that use email marketing as a successful strategy, are you getting the most out of your campaigns?

With most of us being in front of a screen for what seems to be around 18 hours a day (sorry, is that just me!), you should have a captive audience – if your content is beneficial and engaging to your recipient.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why you’re reading this blog – what makes a successful email campaign, here goes….

Build your list
Who are you going to get your message out there to and why would anybody sign up to your emails? Could you use a lead magnet on your website (possibly offer a free download document) in order to gain audience details?
Creating a sign-up form and asking followers on social media to subscribe is a good way to get your message out there.
And don’t forget about your most important audience – your current clients!10 top tips for a successful email marketing campaign

Get personal
Personalisation is one of the most important elements in every campaign.  We all love our names don’t we, they are so important to us – that’s why famous people love getting buildings or hospital wings named after them after all, so make sure you personalise when you can.
‘We’ve got a great deal for you Nicola’ sounds so much better than ‘Look at this great deal’

Don’t sell sell sell
Now, I know the ultimate reason for creating an email campaign is to sell but you can do this better than simply saying ‘Hello, I’m Nicola, please buy off me because I’m great’.
You need to give something away (like your knowledge) and create a good rapport with your audience otherwise as sure as eggs are eggs, you will get low engagement and unsubscribes.

Make your subject line irresistable
Make sure your subject line is relevant to the actual content of your email, including words such as ‘urgent’, ‘breaking’, ‘important’ or ‘alert’ are proven to increase email open rates (and please, if it’s a newsletter, don’t call it ‘January Newsletter’ – I know you can think of something better than that!

Have a call to action
Write a concise email and describe whatever the direct benefit of the click is such as ‘Receive a 25% discount’.  Your reader should want to click because there is a benefit or curiosity.  Letting a reader know there’s more valuable content stirs their curiosity and drives them to where you want them to go.

Segment your audience
Once you have your list, all of your subscribers probably won’t want to see the same information.  You may have businesses in manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical industries and their needs may be quite different so segment your audience so they receive the information relevant to their requirements.

Write like a human
I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar but that doesn’t mean we all have to talk like we were born in 1842 does it?
Use your natural speaking voice and simply talk to another human, this will make you more trustworthy to prospects and help you build a stronger relationship.

Add social sharing buttons
Include links to your social media accounts, this will allow you to further promote your email and allow subscribers to share your content and visit your social accounts which I’m sure will also be bursting with even more exciting info!

Be consistent
As with all of your marketing, your branding should be consistent in both design and tone of voice.
Use the same fonts, colours, logos, images etc so that readers recognise your brand.

Optimise for mobile
The majority of emails are now opened on mobile (I mean, we do seem to have them glued to our hands now don’t we!), ensure your design is mobile-friendly with responsive design with clear content.


I hope you’ve found my top tips useful, if you did, but you haven’t got time to put them into practice, why not give me a call or whizz an email over to me and I’d be happy to have a chat on how I can help with a super-duper email campaign.