100 Days in Lockdown

My lockdown story began on the 1st April (and it was honestly no fool’s day joke!) when I was unexpectedly ‘let go’ by my employer, it obviously didn’t leave me in a great position to look for another job in the middle of a pandemic and I was pretty much in a state of shock at that moment.

Starting my own business was something I’d thought about previously but just never had the push to do it.  Now, I seriously believe that everything happens for a reason, so, after all of about 2 hours I thought ‘hell, why not go for it, what have I got to lose?’ and Riverside Marketing Solutions was born.

Why the name Riverside Marketing Solutions?  Well, that was the easy part:

  1. I live near the River Wear in Washington.
  2. My husband runs his own business called Riverside Plumbing & Heating, why have all the chaos of changing the home answerphone message which simply states Riverside – I may as well just have a similar name! (Honestly, this was a massive part of choosing the company name, I do however have to be careful of calling myself Riverside Plumbing sometimes though!).

Having worked in sales, marketing and business development for over 20 years I’m very lucky to have a wide network of contacts not only in the North East but across the UK.  I was very lucky that many of these colleagues and friends contacted me when they found out I had set up Riverside Marketing and asked if I would assist with their social media, telesales and copywriting.  I was amazed that after two weeks in business I had three clients and was up and running!100 days in lockdown

I decided to focus my business on carrying out work for sole traders and small business, working with my husband’s business for 15 years, I know the problems he had with regards to social media and marketing and how I was able to help him.  Many sole traders like my husband are great at their trade but don’t have a lot of time or experience to promote their business online and raise their brand awareness.  My offering of no-contract, no-ties makes it easier for businesses to try social media marketing and see if it works for them without having to be tied to a 3 or 6-month contract.

Now, three months later, I can certainly say it’s hard work, I never switch off and I’m sure there will be testing times to come but I have many great clients who I love working with.  Whether it’s creating content for social media or writing news articles to promote their work, I like to be an extension to their business and feel real pride when I see them doing well.

I have lot’s of very kind people to thank for helping me through the last 100 days but since this isn’t an Oscar’s speech I’ll not name and shame you (you know who you are though!).  

I’m looking forward to continuing to assist businesses with their marketing and business development – my last 100 days certainly wouldn’t be something I could have imagined earlier this year, but I now wouldn’t change a thing!