What to include in an email newsletter

We all know that sending out regular email newsletters are a great way to maintain your company exposure and reinforce your brand, however, sometimes it can be tempting to simply include lots of information about your company and unfortunately, that’s just not of interest to your audience.

However much you think what’s going on in your company is super interesting unless it’s of genuine benefit to your audience, they’re not really bothered (I know, it’s annoying isn’t it!).  Yes, include a couple of titbits on what’s going on but these really need to be mixed in with super beneficial information to keep your email list opening and clicking, as a general rule, think 90% education and 10% promotional content.

So, what exactly should you be including?  My latest blog hopefully gives you a helping hand.

  1. Firstly, think of any good newsletters you receive and what they have in them. There’s no harm in replicating something you receive and including your own content tailored to your business.  If it’s working for the company that’s sending you the email, then it can work for you too.
  2. Depending on what type of business you’re in, include some sector information or industry updates. For example, in my own newsletter, I stick to the same format every month:
  • Company update
  • Social media tips
  • Marketing news
  • Upcoming events
  • Latest blog
  1. As I said, depending on what type of industry you’re in, you’re looking to give your audience some beneficial information, so, what about health and safety tips if you work in the chemical or manufacturing industry.
  2. I subscribe to lots of different newsletters relevant to both my business and that of my clients so I know what’s going on in the industry, remember, you’re doing the hard work of research so your audience doesn’t have to.
  3. Think about any product updates within your industry and include those, this kind of information may be bread and butter to you but remember, your audience may not have time to look or may not know about recent updates. If you’re giving them some information they didn’t realise, they’ll love you for it.
  4. Remember to write down any day-to-day company information that’s happening, it could be anything from an employee taking part in a charity event, successfully gaining an award, ISO certification or a company anniversary – if you have these things written down, when you come to create your email it will make it so much easier to already have the content.
  5. If you publish a regular blog (which I would always recommend), include this too. You’ve already created good content which is probably now on your website, so, this is giving you an article on your newsletter you don’t even need to think about!  Many of your audience may not have seen the blog on your website so don’t worry about duplicating content either.
  6. Bookmark good websites which give industry or sector updates and regularly check these for content. It may sound obvious, but simply create a file where you can keep lots of articles and content so when it comes around to creating your newsletter, you’re not searching for lots of information.

Why not subscribe to my monthly newsletter to give you an example, even if it’s not totally relevant to you, it may give you some ideas!


If you’re thinking of creating regular newsletters and need a hand, feel free to contact me for any advice, I’m always happy to help or take a look at my dedicated email campaign page HERE.

Feb 22, 2024 | Blog


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