Eight affordable Christmas marketing ideas

If you’re suddenly thinking that you could be using the Christmas period to boost your marketing activity and PR, it’s not too late to put your thoughts into action.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget of M&S either, these tips are very affordable and most of them are even free!


In my latest blog, here are my great eight tips to get you started.


  1. Increase your social media and be consistent – FREE

Could you prepare a ‘Countdown to Christmas’ with a digital advent calendar, maybe with tips or advice every day either or could you even create a 20-30 second video every day?


  1. Christmas Trees – FREE

Could you organise a Christmas tree content where people have to submit an image of their trees and you pick the best one?


  1. Christmas Gift Guide – FREE

Now, you don’t have to sell Barbies or Lego to promote great gifts. Could you produce a quirky gift guide including your products?


  1. Christmas Opening Hours – FREE

Don’t forget to publicise your frestive opening hours, you could promote via your website, your Google My Business page, social media or an email campaign.


  1. Happy Holidays – FREE or between £50-100 if you need to get your web developer to change your website.

Start to prepare to wish your clients and wider audience a Merry Christmas.  Could you add a landing page to your website, create a seasons greetings video or simply send an e-card.


  1. Your Best Bits – FREE

Why not share what you’ve given your customers and audience over the last year?  If you have consistently updated your website and created engaging content throughout the year, shout about it.  Create a recap of what you’ve done, maybe in the form of an infographic?


  1. Do some good – Could be under £20 or FREE

Could you donate gifts (or your time) to a local charity?  Not only are you doing a fantastic thing in your local community but it’s also great PR for you and your business.


  1. Think of gifts – £20-£100

Giving unique and personalised gifts to your clients is great PR and simply just a nice thing to do to!  Why not think about a personalised gift box or cakes etc which the whole office can share?  These don’t have to be expensive, you can get some great gifts for under £20.


The above are just a few quick tips you could think about for Christmas, these are especially good if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend or need to do something which is quite easy and quick to do.

If you need any help with your Christmas marketing ideas, feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to help or give any advice.