How to kick start your marketing in 2021

How to kick start your marketing in 2021.  

We all know, 2020 was a pretty difficult year both personally and for businesses.  Let’s hope, in 2021, things may start to get back to some form of normality.  You should, of course, have been active with your marketing throughout 2020, however, if you weren’t or you simply need advice to get you in the right direction, we’re here to help with our top tips to kick start your marketing for 2021.

Update your buyer personas
Buyer personas describe who your ideal customers are, you should hopefully have up to 3 of these.  If it’s been a while since you last updated these, things may have changed, people’s priorities on their decision making may have changed so it’s important to create these again to ensure you are speaking to your target client.

Create a blog schedule
Blogs are a great way to attract an audience, establish your authority and drive traffic to your website.  Using a blog schedule or calendar will enable you to plan your topics and write these ahead of time, it will also encourage you to brainstorm for ideas before you need to write the articles.How to kick start your marketing in 2021

Share your good news
We’re a humble bunch here in the North East and simply get on with the great things we do, however, that’s not going to get you noticed.
Whether it’s a new member of staff, a contract win, volunteering work carried out by the company or awards success, you need to shout about it!  These are great articles to share on social media and upload to your website too.
Forget humble – let’s be loud and proud!

Analyse your networking groups
The way we network has changed dramatically over the last year, in some ways for the better.  Now is the time to really think about whether you needed to attend all of these networking events you used to go to, did you really need to take up half of your day when the group wasn’t really your target market?

Monitor your competitors
This is something you should be regularly carrying out, however, try to ensure this is a regular occurrence.  Set up Google Alerts, monitor their social activity, research their content and analyse their keywords.

Ask for reviews
Due to us being a humble bunch (again!), we don’t regularly ask for reviews which means your missing out on valuable content.
Customers find reviews helpful, they can boost your SEO and strengthen your credibility so whether it’s a personal recommendation on LinkedIn, a Google review or a simply a testimonial which can be uploaded onto your website – ask, ask ask and then share, share share!

Be consistent on social media
Social media boosts your visibility, helps you connect with customers, increases awareness about your brand and ultimately, leads to a boost for your sales and leads.
The trick is to have good content which is engaging and beneficial to your audience and to be consistent.  No point simply posting twice a month and hoping for the best, social media is a long term strategy and time and effort needs to be put into it.


Be kind
We know this may seem obvious, however, it does need repeating every now and again.
Help others, engage with your network and be kind, stop thinking ‘what can they do for me’ and start thinking ‘what can I do for them’.
Seriously, nobody wants to deal with or buy from a twerp.

These are just a brief example of quite small things you can do to start to kick start your marketing for 2021, if you’re looking for advice on a no contract, no ties basis, why not drop me an email and let’s have a chat.