How to market your business for free

We all know there are lots of ways to market your business, you can spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on getting your message out there to your target clients but if you don’t have the marketing budget to do this, there are still lots of ways you can raise your profile without spending a penny (other than your time)!

Here are my top tips for free marketing:

Social media
This is probably the most obvious method in the current climate, simply create your own personal or business account and start posting!  It’s not that easy though is it, what to post, when to post, which platforms should you use – it can be total information overload.
The most important thing is to start, you’ll never be found if you’re not on the platforms in the first place.  Think about your target client and which platforms they are going to be using, if you’re selling solely B2B, LinkedIn and possibly Twitter are your best bets.  If you’re trying to market to the younger generation, Instagram may be a better option.
Look at your competitors and see what they are putting out there, be yourself and show your personality too.

With most networking events being held virtually at the moment you don’t even have to spend money on parking or petrol to get to them!  As with social media, think of where your target clients are going to be and try out a few relevant events.  Many people don’t like ‘virtual’ networking and I can understand this but let’s face it, we’re going to be in this situation for a few months to come, so unless you want to simply turn up at face to face events (hopefully next year) and hope that people are going to instantly warm to you – think again.  Why not try the virtual networking now, start to sow the seed, get to know people and when face to face events return – people will already know you.

Business Groups
Now, I know a lot of these aren’t free (especially the ones I’ve detailed below) but if you’ve joined a group for their H&S, Legal or Business Support advice you need to utilise your full membership.
It’s amazing how many businesses are members of local networking groups such as the North East Chamber of Commerce, NEPIC or the NEAA and don’t utilise their memberships.  You are potentially paying hundreds of pounds per year just to use their logo on your website!
Send over your latest news stories, blogs and case studies and they will be eager to share – remember, they’re looking for ways to promote themselves too and shouting great things about their members is ideal.
There are also free groups such as The Mussel Club who will quite happily upload your news articles on their website totally free of charge.

If you don’t currently write blogs, you’re missing out – I mean, you’re reading this one now, aren’t you!
You don’t have to have to write one every week, why not try one a month to get you started?  Write about things you know your target market is interested in and which will reinforce your message of the go-to expert in your field.
Once uploaded to your website, share these across social media and you will hopefully get visitors to your site and your brand has received more exposure.

Shout About What You’re Good At
Now, we’re a quiet bunch up here in the North East, we simply go about our business and get on with things but we should be shouting more about the incredible things we’re good at!
If you’ve recently won a client, employed an apprentice or new starter, gained certification for something or joined a new membership body – shout about it.
There are obviously lots of outlets where you can pay to get your article published and it’s great if you can do this, however, if money is tight there are still ways of getting your message out there.
Why not create a free account on Bdaily (, you can upload your article and they will publish this on their site (take care not to include contact or website details), simply then share the link across your social media telling everyone you’re in the local press – you may even get included in Bdaily’s email campaigns too.
Depending on your location, there are also publications such as Wear Business and Tees Business who may be interested in publishing your story on their website free of charge, especially if there’s a public interest.

Google My Business
This is a free service offered by Google which not enough businesses utilise, check out my last blog on how to use this to your advantage: (

You may want to volunteer to help out in your local community, further develop yourself personally or simply have a passion to give back.
Why not share what you do either in a news article or on social media, it doesn’t have to be a ‘look at me, aren’t I great’ post, simply explain what you’ve been doing to highlight a charity for example and the work they do.
Why not be a guest speaker at a charity’s webinar or training course?  Approach a charity you are passionate about and ask if you can help – you don’t always have to be painting a community hall or picking up litter, give something back that is related to your business.

These are only a few examples of how to market your business (and your own personal brand) for free, the only cost involved is your time, if you do it right you can really make your mark and you don’t have to have Apple’s marketing budget!

For more information on any of the above or for any help or advice, please feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to have a no-obligation Zoom chat over a cuppa.