Marketing Support 

It’s great for a business to have a dedicated marketing executive or manager – that’s without question. Having been a marketing manager myself, I know the benefits to a business, however, that’s not always financially possible for smaller businesses.

If you need part time marketing support or just a bit of assistance as and when, my services are just the ticket.

What could marketing support look like for you?
Well, that depends on you, your budget and your business. You may have a marketing plan which includes writing blogs, press releases, client case studies and email campaigns but if you haven’t got the resources in-house to help, you’re quickly going to get a bit stuck and your marketing is going to suffer.

So, whether it’s a one-off or monthly blog, contacting clients to create case studies (they’re a great way to showcase your work) or a press release I’m here to help.

Looking for a bit more than one-off but not full time?

My marketing support can cover one day per week, two days per month or half a day per week – I’m here to match your requirements and budget (think more pick and mix and not set meal). You get to pick what you want, when you want it – simple!

I can get to work on those itty bitty marketing jobs, get you sticking to that strategy and increase your sales and brand exposure.

If you’re ready to start with the pick and mix, whizz me over an email and let’s start talking.

How can I help you ?

If you would like to discuss how I can help you further or require further information on the services I can provide please call me on 07908 623405, email or submit an enquiry

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