Top tips for sales prospecting

Top tips for sales prospecting


We all know that sales can be hard, you’ve got to be thick-skinned, not afraid of rejection and if you do get rejected, be prepared to move on quickly.


My latest blog goes through the why’s, where’s and how’s of sales prospecting to help get your sales converting.


What is prospecting?

Let’s get to the basics, prospecting is all about searching for new customers for your products or services, getting the prospects through your pipeline until they convert to generating revenue customers.


Why is it important?

Prospecting allows you to identify good-fit customers for your business, for example, you’re running swimming lessons for toddlers, no point targeting at the over 60’s is it?  I know that sounds obvious but honestly, sometimes it’s the basics that people struggle with!


How to do it well – my top tips


  1. Create a buyer profile

I always encourage businesses to do this within their marketing anyway but in sales it’s really important too.  My recent blog all about buyer persona’s will help with this:


  1. Identify ways to meet

Think of how you met your best (or most lucrative) customers, was it at a networking event or via a referral?  Once you’ve singled this out, you need to start hanging out there


  1. Call lists

I know, love them or hate them, I find that purchasing call lists from reputable companies can work when used in the right way.

If you have your buyer persona, make sure you’re asking your supplier for the right demographics to ensure your information is worthy of your time.


  1. Send personalised emails

If you have purchased a call list and are intending to send out emails – make sure they’re personalised!  You know what it’s like when you get your own emails – nothing beats that ‘human’ touch and using somebody’s name (which is so important to people) can really make a difference.


  1. Ask for referrals

Nothing is better than getting business via word of mouth and a great referral is worth its weight in gold!  It’s amazing how many people don’t ask their clients for reviews, don’t be shy and feel all humble, in general, people are nice and will gladly give you a glowing review if you’ve done great work for them.  Once received, make sure you share these on your website, social media channels or marketing materials.


  1. Social media presence

Whichever social media channels your perfect buyer is hanging out at, you need to be there!  Think of your social media (and marketing in general to be honest) as a tool so when a customer is ready to buy your product – they think of you.

You may not necessarily get sales ‘directly’ from social media but it overwhelmingly reinforces your message when a potential buyer either thinks of you are starts doing a bit of online research.


  1. Target the pain

When you’re sending emails or even making sales calls, remember to reinforce the pain that your product or service will help to ease.

You need to be clear with the benefits your product or service will bring, no point in just saying, ‘Hi, I’m Nicola and I provide marketing services’, hard as it may be, people are just thinking ‘yeah, so?’.  Think of the benefits – time savings, cost savings etc and reiterate how your services will help with these.


  1. Follow up

If you’re making sales calls, I know from first hand experience, it can be difficult to manage follow up calls, reminders, tasks etc if you’re not really organised.

It may sound like an easy task, ‘yeah, I’ll just ring a few people and make a few sales’, but honestly, people won’t be in the office, they’ll want you to call back, you’ll need to send a follow up email etc etc etc.  Without managing this properly, you’ll quickly forget to ring somebody or not send an email you’ve promised which will just totally undo all the hard work you’re doing.

Great if you’ve got a CRM system but even if you just create an Excel spreadsheet, make sure you’re taking notes and follow up everything.


I hope my top tips have helped get you on the road to successful prospecting!

If you don’t think prospecting is for you, that’s fine, it’s definitely not for everybody, feel free to get in touch to discuss outsourcing your business development, I’m thick-skinned and not easily offended so I should be able to help!