Top tips for your 2022 marketing

It’s that time of the year again when you should be thinking about next year’s marketing plan, I mean, if I’m being completely honest, you should have this sorted by now, however, we all know things get in the way sometimes don’t they.  Even if you sit down over the festive season and take a couple of hours to plan out your 2022 marketing, it will be worth it.

Here are just a few tips to get you started.


Get mobile

More and more of us are spending more time on mobile devices with more than half of annual online website traffic coming from mobile devices.

This is why it’s more important than ever to ensure your website is mobilised, don’t forget your email campaigns too, it’s imperative that you focus on delivering a mobilised email experience for your audience.

2022 marketing tips


Permanent social media posts

While temporary content such as gif’s, Facebook or Instagram stories only appear for a limited period, say 24 hours, it can be a really great way to promote your brand, however, permanent social media such as posts & videos can be viewed days later.

It may be that a mix of the two can form part of your strategy, in a recent report, 44% of marketing professionals planned to increase their investments in permanent social media in 2022.



Get on board with social responsibility

We all know it can be difficult for sole traders or small businesses to invest time and money with regard to social responsibility, however, ethics and transparency matter to the modern consumer.  Due to the events of the past two years, Covid highlighted that customers would more heavily support brands that demonstrated their care for all customers, employees, and shared causes.


It’s an idea to get on board with a local charity or volunteer to carry out mock interviews with children or careers fairs, and by the way, this isn’t just to tick a box, this should be part of your culture and beliefs.  Although showing your support for charities etc might not sell products immediately, showing a sense of social responsibility is still both thoughtful and effective.




We all know that our websites should be as discoverable as possible, that’s not something new for 2022, however, SEO strategies are becoming more ingrained with modern-day marketing strategies.

As Google algorithms have evolved, SEO has because about much more than churning out basic posts that answer simple search queries.



Make a plan (and stick to it)

Now, this might sound blindingly obvious to many people but it’s amazing how many people don’t have a plan or they have a plan but don’t stick to it.

This doesn’t have to be some sort of technical wizardry either, a simple Excel spreadsheet will do.  Plan out on a simple Gannt Chat what you’re planning on doing every month, e.g. a newsletter, blog, news article, update your Google My Business page.  Make sure at the start of every week, you open the plan and stick to it that week, it’s amazing how having something written down makes you more accountable.

Plans are also good if you want to take part in particular campaigns within your industry, get it in your calendar at the start of the year so you don’t forget it.



Regularly ask for reviews

I know we might find it a bit embarrassing to ask for reviews, basically we’re asking people to tell us how good we are, it is a great way to promote your brand though.

There are so many different ways you can get reviews but asking for them on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn will really up your status as a quality, knowledgeable and experienced provider.




Just because we all know what blogs are and they’ve been around for a while doesn’t mean they’re old hat or you shouldn’t keep on doing it.  It’s been used for so long for a reason – it works.

Include your blog on your monthly plan so you have a publish date every month, why not even think of 12 titles for your next blogs – it’s always easier starting with something on the paper rather than nothing.



Case studies

As with reviews, case studies are a great way to gain credibility and give your customers an exclusive look into how your customers benefit from your product or service.

Don’t worry if you’d prefer to not share your customer details either, I know it can be an issue in many sectors with regards to competition etc, simply anonymise your case studies and upload them onto your website for potential buyers to see.


I hope that’s given you a few ideas for the start of your 2022 marketing, if you need further help or just a chat, I’m always happy to help and give advice so feel free to contact me.