Why finding your brand personality will boost your business

This month I’ve went slightly off-grid with my blog – as in I haven’t actually written it!

I’m delighted that the lovely Clare Lavelle from Aniseed Creative is my guest blogger for May, explaining everything about finding your brand personality and why it’s important for your business, take it away Clare……


How awesome is it that everyone is different? We all have our own individual personalities. Distinctive traits that make up each unique person. Some traits can be similar to others and some that are remarkably different. What we all have is a unique combination of these traits that makes up who we are, how we behave and how others react to us.

It’s no different when thinking about your business personality and how that transcends through your branding, marketing and visual communication. Each business has differentiators that are unique to that particular business, different assets, different products or services, a different ethos or goals. All these things make up your business personality.

Knowing these unique areas of your business is invaluable. Once you have them, understand them and have analysed them, you can then put them to work. These core values also make up part of your brand strategy. Exploring these and communicating across your business from customers to staff become the spine of your organisation. This structure should embody all the great things you believe your company to be. So, why not shout about them? Here are 7 ways to explore your brand personality:

These simple exercises should clarify what your brand personality is telling you, your clients or potential future customers. Remember to be creative and consistent when presenting your brand personality across all your visual and verbal communications.

Hopefully, these tips are useful, if you have any further questions or need help finding your brand personality, please get in touch at info@aniseedcreative.com.